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Tours and Fun Stuff to do in Cozumel Mexico:


Of course, Scuba Diving is a prime attraction here, and you'll find plenty of diving guides who will help you plan the right trips for you...whether you are a beginner or experienced diver. But the incredible variety of beautiful sealife is easily accesible to the non-diver as well. Even visitors with only basic swimming skills can take advantage of snorkel excursions where the most difficult part of the trip is getting off and on the ladder between the water and the boat. While wearing a flotation device, all you need to do is put on a mask and snorkel, stick your face in the water, and gently float above the numerous coral reefs teeming with colorful fish. Whether you are a diver or not, experiencing this amazing sight is a "must" for every visitor!


Scuba: Cozumel has the second largest coral reef in the world, that’s one of the reasons why people from all over the world, come to this magnificent island to practice certified scuba diving. The waters surrounding Mexico’s largest island often exceed 200 feet of superbly clear visibility. The sea life and the deep ocean walls are impressive in the waters of Cozumel. Come practice certified scuba diving in Cozumel and experience an unparallel adventure in the Mexican Caribbean.

Snorkel: The island of Cozumel is legendry among divers and snorkelers. The waters surrounding Mexico’s largest island often exceed 200 feet of superbly clear visibility. The sea life, the coral reefs, and the deep ocean walls are impressive. This is a full day of adventure in the Caribbean Sea.


Enjoy the thrill of snorkeling in the gorgeous coral reefs you will find in Cozumel. Cozumel Reef Snorkel is an unparallel adventure!

The Cozumel Country Club is this island first golf course and the Riviera Maya’s newest championship test of golf, and it took five years to be sculpted in the limestone and out the coral and saltwater marshes at the northwest shores of Cozumel island. This wonderful golf course carved from the Mayan jungle is environmentally friendly; it was carefully crafted from the surrounding mangrove, marshlands and tropical rainforest to preserve its environmental integrity and it possess very thick vegetation around it, which makes easier to collect the balls. Created to provide a first-class golf test for players of any skill levels, Cozumel Country Club offers a challenging experience to the serious golfer and allows an enjoyable surrounding for the not so serious one. It provides, in addition, a well-equipped golf store, a snack bar, as well as two tiered tees with plenty of room for practice or just warm up, a putting green and chipping green with a practice bunker.
Jeep Safari with Snorkel is definitely a Cozumel hightlight when it comes to tours. This is one of the most complete and interesting tours that this beautiful island offers its visitors. Jeep Safari with Snorkel is your best option for a true adventure on the Island of Cozumel, a close encounter with the underwater Caribbean wildlife, jungle, beach and powerful engines to complete your day bringing back your adventurous spirit. Cozumel is also an important cruise ship destination, a paradise for shoppers and famous for its proximity to the second coral reef in the world. Included: Tour conductor, jeep for four people, snorkeling equipment, life jackets, lunch and non alcoholic drinks. Dare to experience this unparalled adventure from which you will keep the best memories of your stay in this gorgeous island enjoying this tour considered as one of the main Cozumel highlights. Cozumel is also an important world destination for cruises, it is a haven for shopping and famous for its short distance to the second largest coral reef in the world.


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